Cath Lisa

Cath Lisa

Monday, 6 February 2017

The God we don’t know.

Walking among the sandy path of a field with birds flying over me, how beautiful this moment is, how wonderful is the sounds around me, dogs running past me chasing after the ball, how perfect is one moment God created, How perfect is he? Do we really know everything about the God who created the earth and the seas, every bit God created, and we humans try to be like him perfect, we try create things only God can create, we try be like God but really we don’t know who he is, The God that created the sun to rise and to go down, The God who created tomorrow, The God who allows tomorrow, The God who takes and gives, and how wonderful is it to know him? But really do we know how deep the sea is? Or how far it gos? Oh no we haven’t a clue, The God who gives us shoes, shirts and a roof over our heads, we are nothing with out him, did you ever think one day you wake up and bam you are standing in front of him? What will you say? God Im with you! Oh no, I wouldn’t even dare to call him God, God is a term of some objet really, There only one name I know him by , The father I always log for, the love of my life, my best friend, so really I step away and follow a way better path then the sandy one, a living water, because to some he the God we don’t know but to me? The father im getting to know and now its time to dive in to the river and say it like it is dear.

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