Cath Lisa

Cath Lisa

Thursday, 20 April 2017


Life can be tough, I mean thank the Lord we not rats hey! Rats are always ducking and diving for their lives because we the human beast are trying kill them! Life isn’t easy, people get bully, people get lied to and even cheated on but there is always hope.
I have learnt to smile when I don’t feel like it and laugh when everyone is waiting for me to break down! My kinda break down now days is going to a play ground and singing children songs! Perhaps you should try it! It sure is good for the soul!
To those people who cant stop crying I have some good news, keep crying and while you at it grab a ice cream! It always works for me! Life is taken way to serious and while that is happening why don’t we just be like children and act out how we feel! Its great therapy!

We worry so much but do you see the birds worrying? Nope, they have everything handed to them day by day. If you feeling like your life is about to come to end hold on it will get better! While its storming take your shoes off and start dancing in it because after any storm there is a beautiful rainbow just as beautiful as you are, so stay strong!

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