Cath Lisa

Cath Lisa

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Stepping in the shoes of grace

Looking at my broken shoes with holes under it, I wonder if anyone knew the battle I faced, the battle that I could not even fight, I wonder if someone asked me to sit down and took my shoes off what they would do if they discover that under it there was no cover at all but holes, only damaging my feet every step I take.
We are so judgmental with what people look like, how they dress and what they drive, its sick, and sad, do we really take the time to sit down with the person and discover what they really are wearing? Under those pretty shoes perhaps there is holes that nobody knows about and perhaps people know about those holes and don’t want it to be there problem… but we are called to help the person to remove those holes, maybe we are to give them new shoes, or to glue them together for a season, but when that season comes to an end, they will need a pair of new shoes and at some point we all need something new in our life.
But a lot of time people think that this new thing means they no longer in their life but I disagree, we will always be in each other lives forever since we are children of God but in different ways and in new ways, sometimes we have to stop holding that person but drive with them, this could be anything. But are we prepare to do any of this? are we prepare to step in the shoes of grace?
My first church I went to, had many good things but the down fall they are not prepare to walk in those shoes, they not willing to look at the holes under the pretty shoes, in fact they have the homeless people sit at the back of the church and class them as outsiders.
This is not what Jesus died for, He died so we are all in the same boat. That we are all the same and treated the same. I love my  church pastors, they are lovely people who do not box themselves better than us normal members. I admire how they are part of our lives in some way and that they walk in the shoes of grace. Every church has it downs but the church I now go to is pretty much close to the real deal and even when I struggle with some things I admire the fact that a lot of the people I attend church are prepared to know about my holes in my shoes but because of the background I have come from I often am ashamed to even speak of any holes. Perhaps I needed to change and trust them more.

The question I leave you are you prepare to step in to the shoes of grace and reach someone with a pair of broken shoes that has holes in it or are you okay that it isn’t your problem and carry on with life? If so you really don’t know Jesus steps and I pray you discover them.

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