Cath Lisa

Cath Lisa

Saturday, 13 May 2017

The only way to win any fight is on your knees.

When I think about fighting I think about swearing at the other person and telling them what I think of them, then punching them in the face and watching them go so red then becoming so mad with me like thunder and lighting about to strike me and kill me,  that’s all I ever knew, always prepare to attack the other person and making sure that what I said or feel stood and nothing else matter. Just recently I discover that there is more to fighting and there really is a good way of fighting.  We are born to fight and we are born to WIN it. But do we know how to fight?
As I face a very serious matter which lead me in deciding if I should not sue these people and take them to court, I prayed and asked God what he thinks about this hole matter, because I knew 2 things 1 that I was right and 2 that this was really damaging, but what I didn’t know was what God thought about it, as  I waited on God, I heard nothing and became angry at him, a day pass and more passed and then one day I ran in the park and started screaming, and after that I fell on my knees and began to cry, father I love them and I don’t want to fight them but they hurt me, help me”
Just at that moment I heard a gentle voice wispier to me, “this is how you fight them” I was abit confuse how I asked?  “ this is how you fight them” I got up in rage and shouted at God, how ! tell me how! But I heard nothing. I was super cross but carried on with my days when one day I went to the prayer room at church and didn’t want to say anything to God, I sat there and then I heard a whisper again, “ this is how you fight them” at that I got up and I storm out of church. How! How! As I was walking away in a rage I heard a very loud voice “ this is how” I stood, and thought for a moment and realize what was God trying to tell me, the only way one can fight and win a battle was to be on your knees praying!
I started laughing oh Lord you are funny! How can I fight and win by just being on my knees and praying?  As days went by I began to learn a new way of fighting, the fighting I knew nothing about. By falling on my knees and praying for the people but in love and in truth, I knew the only way I could win this battle was by praying and reading the word of God. The fighting I knew nothing about had some rules, rules to protect all people involved in the battle.
1.       The first rule was to look at the people the way jesus sees them.
2.       Then to speak in truth and love
3.       Then to leave the battle in peace and love.

But most of all by always praying for them. The only way to win any fight is on your knees.

We should never go in to war by wanting to harm the other people or for our own self deeds but by love and the deeds of our loving father Jesus

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