Cath Lisa

Cath Lisa

Saturday, 5 May 2018

The wheel in the clock

Closed my eyes , hoping the pain would go away but how wrong I was when I re open them once more , I looked at the wound in me , it was a sharp blade of change sparking my heart to beat over the normal heart beat, my heart wasn't even at normal heart beat, never was, yet it was a race of time to cool down and throw buckets of water on top of me but instead the buckets had ice cubes with names in mud knocking me out in to the wildness of low grounds, I was unreachable within my pity self I yelled but even Jesus could not hear me, I was tied up to a wheel and a captain with dark evil eyes looked at me and threw spit in my face ,screaming (drive ) the only thing I could think of at that very moment was my hands which was in such pain tied on to the wheel as I turn from one side to the other I realize I was turning in to time, time of change , Time of pain, time of lonely showers flashing me in to a war zone , a war zone of serving with money, money that couldn't Even save me but trash my heart with bitterness , all I could do was duck and  dive the wheel in to something even more horrible , then I hit pause and fell in to chains of ground dust un able to wash or feed myself, I took a huge wrong turn and fell in to a clock full of bear wolf's , a clock full of their teeth eating me bit by bit and off I vanish in to blood sheds of the wheel in the clock...

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