Cath Lisa

Cath Lisa

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The letter (A)

You just walked out of my life... As if I had no soul.. As if I had no threw me in the hall way and packed it with loads of box's..
Where are you now... Where's your jokes... Your red car... Where's your encouragement.. Where are you ? I wish I could crawl under a blanket and forget this pain you caused me.. I wish i never knew you.. I wish i could forget you.. Thats just it.. Iv layer my self with so many covers , to blank the pain up... But here the pain all over again..

I wish you could of hold on to me.. You could of trust me.. Because ever I did was respected you...ever I did was love you... Ever I did was fight for my life for you... So where are you... I anit going cry over you... I'm going rejoice over you.. You taught me what a mother could be like... You taught me what healing was all about.. You taught me to fight on... You taught me a lot... Here I am..where are you ? Hidden away far far away..  Now I can't find you... Nope I can't reach you.. Hug you... Make you laugh.. So what's the living.. I find myself covering up this pain.. But really it isn't going anywhere... Its right here... Where are the pain tablets ? It just isn't going away... Why can't you love me.. Why can't you just be in my life without leaving ? Why do you just pop in when ever you feel like it ? I guess all you are is a letter far far away with no stamps to send it though.. Because thats just it... You couldn't send yourself though...

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