Cath Lisa

Cath Lisa

Friday, 10 August 2018

Getting to know me the blogger (updated )

A huge shout out to all the new people coming across my blogs !! I do hope inspire everyone !!

Also a huge shout out to those following these blogs ! Thank you so much for your support and feed back !

You have found yourself at my blogs and you wondering who on earth am I? well call me cat! The cat who has over come so much! I was born in Durban south Africa and now I live in cape town and it’s a beautiful place! At 10 day old I was given up for adoption and a few months it was said I am mentally retarded…so many things were said about me, from being blind in one eye to never being able to walk or live a normal life! I always knew that something inside of me was never what I heard. I was raised by a family who did not believe I could live a normal life and ill like to say that none of these blogs are to harm them, I am sharing my life story to help people who think they have no hope and cant do anything, to be inspire my life story! Some things I will not share but some I will.
I love writing and I want to bring it alive and follow my dream!
I have had to face so many hardships but I have over come so many! I love writing in poems and love writing in riddles but I see things so different and I believe that is talent ! we all have a talent we just need to believe in ourselves!
Growing up with a label changes your view in life and you struggle to see things like normal people would but hey! Who on earth is normal!!!!!!
 Right lets get back to who I am, so in my teen years I began to take in swimming and even swam for KZN, sadly at the age of 16 I left school hoping to go to normal schooling but this never happen, so I couldn’t swim anymore and that was pretty hard. Today I swim at the beach and people often stop me and ask me hey are you swimming for a club? I guess I never stop being great!
So I can swim and I do a lot of walking and enjoy bird watching, I often am amaze at how free the birds are and how amazing it is for them to not worry about anything! They don’t have to worry about food, rent or where they going sleep!
So I am someone who can do so much and I am so not mentally retarded or even special needs!
I want the reader to know that no matter what is being said over you or your life you should never ever allow those words to come alive only if they are good and positive words.
We need to believe in ourselves and we need to have faith that we can over come anything!

If you would like to make a donation or contribute to my growth and blogs please feel free to do so. ! I thank you in advance for any donations and will do my best to better these blogs and myself !

I look forward to be inspiring those who feel hopless I want to be the voice to the voiceless! Big high five! Be bless !

Cath Lisa

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